Thursday, May 14, 2009

I keep getting stopped

It's funny actually, but seems like at least every couple days I get stopped by someone who has to tell me they love how I carry (wear) Norah. Sometimes it's when I'm dropping Hannah off at school, sometimes it's at the mall, and a cashier at Walmart asked me where I got my cute backpack. She thought it was even cuter when I turned sideways and she saw what was IN the backpack! Most people think it's very cool, but while it probably IS cool, it's more of a necessary function around here. Hannah IS a good kid, but when we go into stores, she tends to get distracted and wander off. She doesn't mean to, she isn't trying to disappear, but it happens. So in keeping my peace of mind, she rides in the cart. Which means since Norah doesn't walk, she must go somewhere also, since most stores don't feel the need to have carts that seat two. So up in a wrap she goes. I've perfected a few carries, and it depends on how long we'll be shopping as to just how she goes up, but up it is.

It's also funny when older people smile and say "boy I wish they had those when I was having babies". Really? Are people living thousands of years now that they were having babies before there were baby carriers? Women overseas have worn their babies for thousands of years out of function. They still had to work to get food for their families. I'm blessed that I am able to stay home and raise my children, but not everyone is so lucky.

I recently said to someone that I thought since hospitals had the forethought to have Lactation Consultants on staff in their maternity ward to aid in nursing issues, they should also have babywearing consultants and send each new mom home with some form of sling and the knowledge of how to use it correctly. It is so much easier to have your hands free and a calmer baby. Holding your babe in arms is wonderful and bonding, but when their tiny (or even when they're bigger since Norah's favorite new word is "UP UP UP!") it gets tiring and nothing gets done. And maybe by the time my girls are having babies, they will. And if they don't, you'd better believe I will be there to show them how to wear their babies.

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