Monday, May 4, 2009

More trouble

So Friday we were supposed to have our "leaking" oil tanks replaced. Steven called the guy to confirm he was coming and to find out what time he'd be there. I had plans to take the girls up to see Meema and spend the night there. So Thursday night we get a phone call saying the new tank never showed up. And by Friday morning, it was clear it wasn't happening. So I took the girls up to Meema's anyways because Hannah was so excited to stay there. So needless to say Steven is totally pissed that the guy didn't get it done, and probably can't get it done for a few more weeks. If it even actually needs to be done, which is a whole other story entirely.

So what I learned from that is, people suck when there's a lot of money involved, and sleeping with a four year old isn't a good way to sleep if you want to wake up rested.

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My Little Cuties said...

Oh that really stinks. Especially that you'll have to make the same sleeping arrangements again. Sleeping with a little person is hardly my idea of a good night's sleep!