Thursday, May 21, 2009

So Dirty

I remember when we lived at Joanie's and her daughter Karen would come to visit. She told me one day that every day in the summer her kids need a bath. I couldn't imagine how that would be possible. I mean, how dirty can you get?

Well, it's possible. Norah and Hannah must be recordbreakers for children able to get the most dirty in a short amount of time. Tuesday Hannah told me she bumped her eye, so I looked at it and determined it was fine. She played some more and when I noticed her eye next it looked like she had a black eye! So I checked her again, and sure enough it was black.... with dirt. Yuck! They've had a bath every night just to get the dirt off them. Norah is pleased to crawl around and sit in the sand, or shout at the "go go's" and Hannah is just BUSY. She's learned how to pump her legs, so she can swing herself and is SO proud. It's also the first year that she's truly independant enough to play outside alone. She can go out for an hour digging and swinging and whatever and not miss us in the house. It makes me happy that she's ABLE to go out alone where I don't have to worry. She's equally happy when our neighbor gets home from school and yells through the bushes nearly every day "Rory... wanna come play over here, or me play over there"

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