Thursday, May 6, 2010

Confusing Weather

We've had a lot of strange weather lately.  Mostly windy and some rain, and random nice days mixed in.  Tuesday afternoon we had so much wind that a lot of trees were brought down, including part of my neighbors tree.  I actually had Gary take down my windchime because I was afraid the string would break and send it flying into my van.  And of course yesterday was gorgeous.  Perfectly sunny, just the right breeze, not humid.  It was gorgeous.  Kat and I headed over to the Mr Potato Head Park in Longmeadow to let the girls play.  And play they did.  We were there for nearly three hours.  They had a fabulous time, and then more than half the girlies slept on the way back to my house.  In fact Magi slept so long that Kat had to take her out of my van when she was leaving and put her back in her own.

The biggest problem with confusing weather is that I hardly know how to dress them.  Do they wear jeans and t shirts?  Capris?  Skirts?  Shorts?  Ugh, it's enough to make their dressers overflow with clothing, and yet none of it seems appropriate.  So today it's already 60* out, and supposed to be sunny later.  So capris and t shirts it is...

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