Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strange Guilt

As a mom, I spend a lot of time feeling guilty.  Did we read enough books today?  Am I patient enough with them?  Should I really have yelled "get your toys out of the kitchen now or I'll toss them all" or was asking nicely the first six times enough?  Ok you get the picture.  One strange thing I feel guilt over is what my kids eat.  People without kids would think, what makes you think you have any push in what your kids eat?  And it's true, I often don't have anything to do with what they choose to eat.  Except that I do.  I do NOT have picky kids.  I'm very blessed and they can be wonderful eaters, giving me suggestions for what they'd like for dinner, and choosing things that are kid friendly but also healthy.  My kids love tacos and enchiladas, pasta with just about any kind of sauce, meatloaf, roast chicken or pot roast, chicken wings, baked chicken tenders, veggies in most forms (though I will never cook them turnip).  I'm very lucky, but then there are busy days.  Days where I realize I've forgotten to defrost something until VERY late.  Days that everyone is cranky and loud.  Days where they've picked on snacks most of the day and who knows what they want to eat later.  Days where we have chicken nuggets and tater tots for dinner.  Grown ups don't eat chicken nuggets and tater tots for dinner.  Except when they have kids.  And I feel guilty for serving it.  It's NOT nutrious, though better than nothing, obviously.  I make meat sauce from scratch.  I buy fresh fruit and veggies whenever possible.  They rarely have dessert, mostly because they don't ask.  Fruit is their favorite snack.  And I feel guilty for the one dinner that we all had chicken nuggets and fish sticks and tater tots. 

Being a mom is tough on the psyche.

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