Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Weekend.

We had a very nice weekend here.  Saturday we ran to the store and did errands.  Then over to Kat's for some company while Steven fixed their van.  Then we went to the greenhouse and bought the plants for our new vegetable garden.  We got tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, and cantaloupe.  So far the only thing that looks like it won't take is the cantaloupe.  Which is too bad, the girls love it.  Then, we were off to the mall for my gift, shopping at Sephora.  After that we hit Savers, and then dinner at Olive Garden.  It was really too nice. 

Yesterday we just hung out in the morning, then the girls and I drove up to Eric Carle for a play.  Hansel and Gretel; a Grimm tale.  It was part Hansel and Gretel and part of another story about three gold hairs.  It was really well done, and the girls were thrilled to meet the actors after, get their programs signed, and go backstage.  They got to all try on the witch mask, and Hannah even did a witchy laugh, which made everyone else laugh too.  Then it was home for dinner that someone besides me cooked.

All in all, a lovely weekend.  Now tonight I get to go out with my fabulous friend Joanna for dinner, and I'm very excited for that also.

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