Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun Weekends!

This weekend was my Mom's birthday, and since she was stuck working last weekend (Mother's Day) she wanted to take the girls overnight.  And so she did.  Steven and I went to a few tagsales, and got dinner, did some shopping and watched a movie at home.  It was very nice, and the girls had a good time playing with their cousins at Meema's house. 

Of course yesterday was a different story.  As we got into the jeep to go pick them up, it wasn't running right.  Steven didn't think it was safe to drive an hour away, and even if we made it, fixing it up there would be nearly impossible.  So we begged them to bring the girls back, along with the planned dinner food and we'd eat here while Steven attempted to fix her jeep.  As it turns out, it wasn't an easy fix, so my van went back up to their house with them so Mom could work today.  So Hannah's skipping school because I have no way to get her there.  All my carseats are in the van, and driving the two of them in Steven's truck would be interesting to say the least.

Unfortunately all this also means that we spent too much money on fixing other people's cars, we can't go to NJ next weekend like we planned to visit our friends.  Gas money, toll money, and possible rental car money if my van acts up is all gone.  Laurie and I are both disappointed, but at least we hadn't told the kids yet that we were going.

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