Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nice Weather

It's been really gorgeous here the last couple of days.  Yes rain, all day yesterday.  But it was over 70, which is fabulous for October.  Tuesday after school we headed over to the park and spent the afternoon playing with friends.  Both girls had a great time, since especially for Hannah, she doesn't see her friends as often as she'd like.  Today it will be sunny and warm again, which is lovely.  Too bad it can't hold just a couple more days until Halloween.  As of now it's supposed to be cool, but not freezing.  Which is nice.  I remember going trick or treating as a kid and wearing my winter coat.  So if they go out with a sweater over their costumes, they'll be doing good.

Tomorrow Hannah has a half day of school, so I'm getting out of work early to pick her up from the bus stop.  She gets to wear her costume to school, and they're having a parade.  Now I guess I need to get to the party store ASAP to see if I can find pig accoutrements, since I can't make them without a headband.

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