Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Six!

My biggest baby turns six today.  Hannah is having a very happy birthday so far, but six is hitting me personally much harder than any of her other birthdays so far.  I feel like she's growing up too fast, and having another behind her, doing all the same things, it's hard not to think of her when she was 3, especially when Norah is similar at the same age.  She's loving Kindergarten, reading, and coloring.  She only does most of those things, and rarely anything else. 

So far she's had her fabulous friends call her to sing Happy Birthday, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more phone calls as the day goes on.  She's visiting Grampy and Mimi for the day, just waiting on them returning from church to celebrate.  I hear there will be cake, and I'm sure she'll have a blast.  So Happy Birthday to my one and only Hannah.  I love you, you inspire me to be a better person, so I can watch you grow into your potential.

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