Friday, March 4, 2011


I don't know WHAT it is about school lunch, but Hannah adores getting it.  After holding her off until November or December, I finally let her pick something off the menu.  She loves it.  I don't understand.  I mean, I think I'm a decent cook.  And whatever I make her is bound to be better than what she gets there.  It's more like what she's used to, and just generally yummier.  But she still asks at least once a week if she can buy lunch.  A couple weeks back when I was so sick, I had her buy lunch on two days she wouldn't normally, and even trying something new, she was fine.  I know Norah will not be so cooperative when she's going to kindergarten.  So today is pizza, and I don't mind.  Especially since I need to go grocery shopping, there's not much here for lunch today.

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Janice said...

Hunter likes to buy lunch a couple of times a week. Funny though, one day one option was bologna and cheese. He didn't want it, but was happy for the one we made the same day.