Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I guess it was fun

Sunday we ate lunch, and then headed out the Mass Pike.  We hit Weston and got off and took the T into the city.  We got right off at the TD Banknorth Garden, and had tickets to take the girls to see Toy Story 3 Disney on Ice.  They were very VERY excited, and even riding the subway in was an adventure for them.  Hannah watched out the window the whole time, and read as many signs as she could.  Norah bounced between watching out the windows and asking if we were going to ride on another train. 

After some snacks, we headed in to find our seats.  We were directed by an employee to our seats, and they weren't too bad.  Close enough to see, not bad at all.  About 3 minutes before the show was about to start, some other people came by saying we were in their seats.  So we got out our tickets and showed them again.  The man in charge told us we were indeed sitting in the wrong seats, that our seats were down ON THE ICE!  It was Amazing!  Literally one row of chairs between us and the show.  Hannah had Woody waving to her, and Norah was almost totally awestruck.  They were so excited that a small snack held them over afterwards for the ride back to the car.  Around 7:30 we got to the car, and changed into PJ's quickly, since it was cold.  They ate in the car on the way back, and neither one fell asleep the entire way home.  An hour in the car, in the dark, and they were both awake when we got home.  It was crazy.  So I guess they had some fun.

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