Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who is more clumsy?

It's a good question around here most days.  Hannah slips and falls regularly, Norah trips on her own feet... a regular circus here to be sure.  Up until today, Hannah had the broken bone to prove it.  Unfortunately, Norah can share in the clumsy glory.  This morning, running through the living room on her way to the bathroom, Norah fell.  As she fell she landed her cute little nose against the arm of our loveseat.  And the blood came.  And the screaming.  And then it swelled up.  There went my ideas of going to work.  Instead we headed to the pediatrician to get a "yep it's probably broken, but we can't do anything for it, so keep an eye on it and have her rechecked Friday at her regularly scheduled appointment."  Awesome.  So she has a very swollen nose, and a bruise.  And is otherwise totally herself.  I do think I might give her something to help the pain she might cause by sleeping before she gets to be sleeping. 

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