Monday, June 13, 2011


Over the weekend we had a houseful, but mostly full of girls.  Amanda is here, since she needs someone to stay with when college says she can't stay there.  Apparently Heather and Kayla like it here too, so they came over Friday night and left late Sunday after dinner.  Add to that Amanda's friend Ashley coming for a visit, and Steven was sorely outnumbered.  And you know what, I don't think he minded one bit.  I think he thinks it's nice to be "needed" by someone.  I love him, but I don't "need" him the same way teenage girls with cars they don't understand do.

Speaking of Steven, he was offered a fantastic opportunity to join a new company, and he took the offer.  He'll be leaving his current job in about a week and a half, and he's already started training for the new one.  He started Friday night and while he was supposed to be home around 11:30, he was good enough they kept him most of the night, not walking in until about 3:45 Saturday morning.  That makes for a long day, but so far he says he enjoys it, and he's actually there, and Hopefully will be home around 11:30.  We'll see, but he does have a regular job to head to tomorrow... so we'll hope.

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