Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hannah's looking forward to the summer.  Unfortunately, after the winter we had, her summer doesn't really begin until 4th of July!  She's going to be in school through part of the last week in June.  Which sounds ridiculous to me.  Yes I know they started late, but why on earth can they not start earlier?  Start the last week in August, or the first in September. This year her first day was the 13th of September, which is crazy.  Add a gazillion snow days, and we can't do anything fun until after Auntie Sara and Zach get married. 

She's having a concert in a couple weeks, and she's also the yellow pig in a play.  However they have yet to be bothered to tell anyone when this play takes place, only that they don't know yet.  How is anyone supposed to get time off work to be there to support her?  I'm really frustrated with her school and how they run things.

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