Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Weekends

Starting this weekend, our weekends are FULL!  The girls are being baptized at church on Sunday, and then a huge barbeque here at our house full of family and friends.  They're excited to have a party and play with their friends and all the grandparents who will be here.

Next weekend we head up to NH to watch their favorite Auntie Sara and Uncle Zach get married (again!).  They are going to be the adorable, show stealing flower girls.  With pink, sparkly flip flops.  We have lots to prepare for that, including packing, getting food/flowers, and actually driving 3 hours away!

I thought we'd get a break the week after that, but Monday Hannah got an invitation to a gymnastics birthday party for one of her friends.  So of course she can head over to that, because she is good friends with this little girl.

And of course the weekend after that we'll try to celebrate my birthday, since it's a big one.  I was hoping for a party, but now I think I'll hope for a quiet weekend at home with ALL my family.

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