Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First full day

Today was Hannah's first full day of summer vacation.  We celebrated by hanging out with friends, going to the fabric store, and having a playdate full of little girls.  Some friends of mine who are babywearers came over to go to the big fabric store a couple of towns away.  Then I offered that everyone could come here afterward because I'm the closest.  It was lots of fun, I got to touch a whole bunch of wraps I'd never even heard of, even using Li's new slate silk indio to wrap Norah for the whole thirty seconds she allowed it. 

Hannah and Norah had a great time playing with Sasha, and ogling Lola.  She's Sasha's baby sister.  I even got to snuggle her :)  She's not even 3 months old and still has that amazing baby smell.  They also enjoyed playing with Ebie, who is cute as a button with the most adorable curls.

If only tomorrow wasn't Thursday, I could do with more days like today.

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