Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thanksgiving is over, and it was a lovely weekend.  Just as nice as it could have been I think.  Thursday we had a small Thanksgiving here for dinner and lots of just hanging out and talking.  Friday morning I got a call from our fabulous friends inviting us over to eat leftovers at their house and let the kids play.  So we headed over there in the afternoon.  It was so nice out we ended up at the school playground near their house for a while, and the kids all had a fabulous time.

Saturday we had a Meema Thanksgiving, since she had to work on Thursday and wasn't able to join us then.  We cooked and drank and ate ourselves silly.  I really miss my Mom and I wish she lived closer.  Then Kat came over to have her oil changed, and she took all the kids to a birthday party.  Steven and I had a couple hours to ourselves, which is nice now and then.  Sunday Steven worked and we hit church and then did a little Christmas shopping.  Then Steven put out the Christmas lights in the yard.  It was just a nice comfy family weekend.  That is exactly why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

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