Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy Weekends

I love that it's getting warmer out, but that means we'll be having lots of busy weekends. This weekend started on Friday night. Steven was fixing my friend's van, so we all trooped over there for pizza and company. We were there over 2 hours, and all the kids were amazingly well behaved. In fact, she and I figured out we needed to start hanging out in the evenings, because they did much better than they do when we do stuff during the day.

Saturday was lots of housecleaning getting ready for Jennie and Ben to come down with their kiddo's Annalisa and Shane. Hannah had a blast playing with Annalisa, and was pretty smitten with Shane, who was also pretty smitten with Norah. He's a very cuddly guy, and enjoyed touching faces, moderately gently.

Yesterday was Circus day. I do NOT do clowns, but since we had free tickets and Hannah had never been, we headed over to the Big E to let her see what was going on. We had wonderful box seats, and assuming Hannah sat on someone's lap she could see wonderfully. I think her very favorite thing was riding the Elephant. She wasn't scared at all and got to ride right up front, so she kept reaching over and patting the elephants head.

After the circus, we headed to the "chair store" because a certain Meema needs a new chair. Her old chair is falling apart and springs are falling out, so Hannah told me that we needed to get her a new one for Mother's day/Birthday. Steven is going to pick it up tonight after Hannah's gymnastics class. Hopefully Meema gets lots of good use out of her new chair, that Hannah approved personally.

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My Little Cuties said...

I went to school with Ben! I met his wife at the mall and was a total dork about how her son and my husband have the same name.