Saturday, May 10, 2008

Norah's 2 month appointment

Norah had her Doctors appointment yesterday for her 2 month well child. She was 10lbs 7oz in her diaper, and a shocking 23 inches long. She is meeting all her milestones for her age, not that there are too many just yet. AND she got her shots, which at the time I thought went amazingly well. She cried when they poked her, but stopped just as soon as I picked her up. Then she fell asleep in her carseat at my friends house.

But the best was yet to come. On the way home from grocery shopping she started to scream, and finally stopped an hour, a bottle, and a diaper change later. She fell asleep after a little tylenol and slept until I woke her at 5:45, and then went back to sleep at bedtime and didn't wake up until morning. Poor dear, those shots are just AWFUL.

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My Little Cuties said...

My friend's pedi's office has two nurses come in and do all the shots at once. There are just as many needles but they go in at the same time. I think that should be the standard.

I may steal your stats idea for my blog... is that OK?? :) Norah is sooo big!