Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A reasonably lovely Mother's Day

I got beautiful cards from both my girls and my husband, so score one for remembering cards Steven.

The plan was of course for my Mom to come down here, and as always for a certain someone to come with. Steven had said he'd work on his truck and help him, so bright and early they leave for the shop. Because we had planned everyone to be here for lunch at 1 I didn't give Hannah lunch at her regularly scheduled time, just some snacks. However when at noon they still hadn't reappeared, I was understandably cranky.

Let me just say now, I am sick and tired of a certain person spoiling everything that semi resembles a holiday. First it was every birthday that I celebrated with them. I very specifically remember a screaming fit over Madlibs, which if you ask me is just retarded. My first Mother's Day, ruined by a screaming match on my front porch and no one eating the meal I cooked. Holidays where my father and mother are in the same place at the same time... a mess, but NOT because of them. They are of course capable of being civil.

Ok enough of my whining. Once they finally got here Steven was wonderful to me. We spent the whole afternoon outside and then Norah slept all night. Who could ask for anything nicer than that?

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