Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nature vs. Nurture

Yes it's an age old debate.

Hannah was a somewhat difficult child. She was hard to please, and easy to upset or frustrate. She had a huge mommy phase that lasted a VERY long time.

Norah started her mommy phase earlier than Hannah, which means she's already screeching at me if I walk out of her sight, or even in her sight but into another room. HOWEVER, she's almost exceedingly happy whenever we're out somewhere. I get loads of comments about how she's such a happy baby, and so calm and laid back. Ok, I can buy that, because she mostly is. But now the question is, is she that way because that's her personality, or because whenever we're out somewhere I have her in a sling so she's comforted by being close to me when strange people talk to her. Well, I think I know the answer to the question, at least involving Norah. The answer is nurture. She's that way because I wear her and she feels secure. I think I know this because of what went down last night at McDonalds.

Last night I took Hannah and Norah (by myself) to McDonalds for something to eat on the way to Gymnastics. This was an every week occurance when Steven came with us, but with the new job he can't attend anymore, and the last few weeks we've been hanging out at Kat's beforehand. So as usual, I get a highchair for Norah because it's really hard for me to hold her and eat while she grabs at everything. So I passed her a fry to play with (because everyone who knows her knows she won't EAT it) and coerce Hannah into eating and drinking while I finish. So while I'm talking with Hannah some woman who works there comes by to sweep the floor and comment on how cute Norah is (insert eyeroll, she has to say it EVERY time we're there). So she sweeps what she can get at, and then PUSHES NORAH'S CHAIR AWAY FROM THE TABLE. Norah screams immediately because she is now farther away from me(by like 3 inches, but that's huge to her) and is VERY upset. So of course I took her out and held her while I finished because she needed some reassurance. And I will say that woman made me very angry. Why would you sweep a floor while people are still eating? Why would you physically touch another persons child AND move them away from their comfort zone.

Then she had the balls to come back and ask me if I was still using the highchair. Um, no... she probably will refuse to go in one ever again thanks to you.

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My Little Cuties said...

She should have at least asked you if it was OK to move the high chair if she absolutely needed to sweep while you were still eating. But that was foolish of her.