Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the sickness returns

Yes it's been a while since I updated. Hannah came home from school on Thursday looking flushed and generally miserable. About 3 minutes later she threw up everywhere. She hasn't done it since, but has been under the weather even still today. She does seem better every day, and she even spent the night at Grampy and Mimi's over the weekend.

Norah is also sick though, which is sad because she hates having her nose wiped, and she's so stuffy that I've even resorted to using the "nose sucker" on her poor congested self. I'm thankful for whoever invented Vapor Plugs every night lately. It helps them sleep better, and bonus that we only have to use one since they're in the same room!

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My Little Cuties said...

Your poor girls! None of that is any fun. Hayden can empathize with the drippiness. She really doesn't like having her nose wiped either!