Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm always sad when they go

This morning it was VERY cold here. Like in the teens and 20's, so clearly when we got up it showed. Hannah asked last night if there would be snow when she woke up, and I told her that it would be very cold so she'd have to check in the morning. So this morning I asked her if she saw any snow, and she ran to the front window to look outside at the grass. Then she turned around and said

"No Mommy, no snow, just frostering"

I love that! I love that she knows what she means and can't quite say it right. I'm ALWAYS sad when she finally gets something right and suddenly the former word disappears. She used to always ask for "Peetchup" for her french fries, but the first time she actually said "Ketchup" I made her repeat it about 12 times because I couldn't believe it. Same with cucumber. I love watching her grow up and change, but sometimes I sort of hope that one or two of them will stick with her.

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Rhea said...

It's adorable when little kids get words wrong or make up their own. How cute! I love it.

I can't believe y'all have such cold weather. I'm jealous.