Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have apparently neglected to mention that Norah has finally got some teeth. Two to be exact, the bottom front two, which when they come up far enough to see (rather than feel as she chews your finger) will be completely adorable.

Also in new news, we've discovered something about Hannah we never knew. It happened when we switched the girls into the same room to sleep at night. So now they share a room, and have an expansive toy room that will soon also house our family computer. There was good news and bad news the first night they slept together. The good news is, apparently Hannah can sleep through a party going on in her room. The bad news is that I know that because Norah had a party *yawn*. Norah didn't sleep well the first couple nights, but she settled in like a champ last night and slept from 7:15 until 5:15 when we (and by we I mean Steven) tried to convince her it was still sleep time and turned on her mobile for her. Normally she could do this herself, but we dropped her crib mattress to the low setting, because in theory she'll be mobile and able to sit on her own in the somewhat near future. So she can't reach the buttons anymore. So after a few minutes she was still chattering away, so Steven got up with her.

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