Thursday, October 23, 2008

Call me shocked

Ok so Norah had her GI appointment yesterday. She's still refusing solid food 90% of the time, so he's setting her up for an evaluation with an oral/lingual specialist to find out if she's just stubborn or if there's an actual problem with her tongue function or something.

She's gaining well, still on her 50% curve, so she is 17+lbs now, and just as cute as a button if you ask me. I think it's the little smirk and the big blue eyes that do me in... because I'm not happy to see anyone at 5:30, but for her I get up anyways.

The girls did not get their second dose of flu shot yet, they were due to go Thursday, but Hannah threw up and was running a fever, so I rescheduled for next week. Hopefully that all goes well.

Hannah had picture day at school yesterday and she said she took a nice picture and said cheese. We'll see when we get them back, though I forgot to ask how long. And a funny thing. Yesterday I was running late to pick her up (slow people driving) and was the last mom to get there. Her teacher said that she was wonderful and that it's great how she knows when it's time to be loud (outside) and when it's time to be quiet.... um, someone needs to come home and show her those!

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