Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a super busy weekend, for a change. With Steven's new job he won't be working weekends unless he chooses, so basically we can go and do whenever we want. Saturday we took a trip to Grampy and Mimi's house where Hannah was, as always, the center of attention. Grampy even took her to the park to play. Norah took a lovely nap, and cooperated when we got home and went to bed.

Sunday we took a trip to our friends Kerry and Colin's house for a BBQ and a lot of fun. Last year they had one the same weekend, and Kerry and I were both pregnant. This year the house was filled with babies and kids and it was a wonderful time. Hannah had an absolute blast, and we basically did not see her all afternoon. Norah cooperated and smiled and was generally sweet, even sleeping in my sling for a while. Despite not napping, she was lovely, and passed out hard on the way home.

Here's a picture of my

sister wearing Norah on Saturday night. She was fussy and I was eating, so Auntie Sara obliged her, and was surprised at how easy and comfy it is. I spy a future babywearer!

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