Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So because Norah's birthday is this week, we have a zillion and one appointments and errands and things to take care of. I don't normally have any problem with this, but their party is on Saturday and more people coming Sunday, so I also have a lot to do here. I'm a little frazzled, but what can you do. Yesterday the girls had their WIC appointments, and got weighed/measured, but thankfully not iron tested. Those finger pricks are the death of me when I'm alone with them. They're both growing well and staying on their curve according to WIC, but I find they're not generally reliable, so I try to wait for actual doctors appointments to update height/weight.

Norah also has a GI appointment today, and I'm really optimistic that this is her LAST appointment. She's been off all of her medicine for around 2 weeks and seems to be doing really well with it. She is eating actual food and drinking milk, so I'm hopeful that bottles will soon be a thing of the past as well. And we can get a naked weight and hopefully an actual height that I can believe.

Hannah also started gymnastics again last week, so she has that tomorrow and is eagerly looking forward it. Also of course she's looking forward to her birthday. Every morning now when I go in to get them up she asks "Is it my birthday today?!" I just ordered her birthday gift yesterday, but tracking says we'll get it in time to wrap it for her next Thursday. She asked for a kite, so I ordered her a very cute pink elephant kite from that hopefully she'll love. She informed us yesterday that she really wanted the shark kite, but that a pink elephant would be ok if there were no sharks left.

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