Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Oh spring, are you here already? The weather has been downright GORGEOUS the last few days. Go outside in a shirt because it's so nice. Hannah has begged to go outside, cried when it's time to come inside, all the typical things she does when the weather is nice. Yesterday she didn't even come in the house after school, she just handed me her stuff and said "Will you take this in for me" Um, sure. I love it when it gets warm. I hate it when you get a tease and it gets cold again. Tomorrow they're saying a possible high of 65. MMMMM 65, that's fabulous. I'll be line drying clothes or diapers.

Unfortunately around here we're also living for the weekends. Steven is on mandatory overtime because a person he works with is apparently incapable of doing his share of the work. It's frustrating for him, obviously. But even more so for Hannah. He left at the regular time yesterday morning (6:50 to drop Gary at the bus stop) and wasn't home until after 7:30. Hannah kept telling me "I wish Daddy would be home now" Me too baby, me too.

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My Little Cuties said...

I have the entire day off tomorrow to enjoy the gorgeous weather! It must be hard for everyone with Steven gone so long. :(