Monday, March 30, 2009

Warm weather

Hannah was just ecstatic on Friday when it was so warm she went to school with no coat, and that when she got home she could play outside all afternoon. Apparently one of the things she's learned at school is how to ride a bicycle. Not on two wheels, she definitely still needs the training wheels, but she can pedal and more importantly, steer. So I parked in the road and she got to ride her bike in the driveway for a while. Then she invited our neighbors over to play in our backyard, so they stayed until dinnertime. Hannah is thrilled we have neighbors with kids, even if they are a little older. Their mom came over to chat for a while since our mailman delivered some of our mail to their house. They're all just really sweet, so I'm also glad we have some nice neighbors that we potentially have something in common with.

Saturday it was gorgeous also. Hannah had plans to go to Meema's house, so after she left we went grocery shopping with Norah and had lunch. Then we went shopping and headed up to Northampton to walk around. The weather was fabulous, sunny and warm with just a bit of a breeze. I know spring is underrated mostly because it's generally pretty wet, but the nice days are much more than "nice" when we get them.

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