Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

And oh MAN is Hannah excited! She really gets it this year, and I'm excited for that too. I love waking up and giving them their stockings to play with while we fix breakfast. I'm even half praying that they'll sleep in until 7 on Christmas morning. That would be a merry day for me indeed.

So far we have planned to break the cardinal rule I made when I was pregnant with Hannah. Provided it isn't snowing, we will be traveling on Christmas. I know, I know, I said when I was pregnant that it would be the last Christmas I traveled, and up until now, that was true. With everyone being adults now, there are more people to think about besides just me and my family. So I will amend the rule to say that I will not travel for Christmas Morning. I want to have that at my house. Where we can sit in PJ's at leisure and open gifts, snack on food, drink coffee and enjoy. Not that it wouldn't be enjoyable elsewhere, as I've spent many christmases many different places... but you know, home is where the heart is. And I want my kids to always wake up on Christmas in their own beds.

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