Thursday, December 17, 2009

In the rotation

Whoever came up with the idea of rotating toys with kids... hello Genius! About six months ago we put away the dollhouse and all the included accessories. In the meantime we've gotten some other house like toys (thank you Kat) and it had come to my attention that my kids like them. So we brought the giant house back downstairs. I love this house, it's the embodiment of a fantastic doll house for girls. It's huge, so there is more than enough room for them to play with it TOGETHER. And shockingly, they do. I mean there is plenty of Hannah stealing everything that could resemble a person (pooh figures, princesses, little people, bunnies.... etc) and playing school, but they sit in the toy room and play with the house, together. Even alone they will both play for a few quiet minutes. And I'm thinking it's because at the moment, they're into that. Which makes me happy, and clearly makes them happy. So toys go into the rotation, and some come out. With Christmas on the horizon, I'm plenty happy to be taking some out of rotation and not adding new ones in. I'm also happy to start donating toys they've outgrown, and toss toys that are broken and/or missing pieces. Hopefully the new stash of Christmas toys isn't too awful.

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