Monday, December 7, 2009

Sickness strikes again

Not weeks after Norah spend many nights coughing endlessly, we are back at it again. In fact just long enough for me to have finally recovered. And now she's coughing and sniffly and refusing to eat. I tried to tell myself that I would much prefer her to be sick now, than in a couple weeks when Christmas will be knocking at our door. It's true, I would prefer that. But with her being the only one sick, I'm terrified that she'll be fine and the rest of us will be lolling on the floor in a stupor of vicks induced haze. Ok maybe not, but I'm afraid that Christmas will be spoiled somehow.

And speaking of Christmas, one of the girls gifts arrived this weekend. Grampy and Mimi were kind enough to get the girls a years membership to Kidcity Children's Museum, in Middletown CT. The recent pics of all of my girls (Kat's and Kate's included) were taken there, and I'm certain to be spending lots of Monday holidays there during the Member only hours :)

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Katarzyna said...

Boo on Sickies!
YEY for Kidcity!!!