Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When will it be.....

2008 again? Man, Hannah just does not get what order the years go in, or that once they are gone, that's it. I have mentioned more than once to her that Friday will be January and also 2010, and while she thinks that's cool, she wants to know when it will be other years again. And let me tell you, I have many sweet moments from many years. I do not wish to relive them. Ever.

Norah just talks herself up a little storm, and she finds herself completely hilarious. She chatters to herself, points out things she recognizes, or demands snacks and drinks like she's a dictator in charge of my kitchen. I was holding her in the kitchen earlier and she pointed into the sink and said "ewwwww ucky" Followed immediately by a listing of the objects in the immediate area, and to whom they belong. Soap, bracelet, dishes. Quite a ham, that one.

Hannah was very excited that her favorite friend Emma came over to play yesterday. She spent nearly a week telling me that Emma was going to come over on vacation, and it was really very nice. Dori and I got a chance to chat, and the girls played very nicely with each other, and moderately nicely with their younger siblings. Can't really ask for anything else. Everyone left with all their appendages, and reasonably happy. Hannah is thrilled to have gotten an invitation to Emma's upcoming birthday party, so I'm sure we'll be headed out there in the next couple of weeks for that.

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Katarzyna said...

LOL When will it be 2001 - I would like 2001 - just for a week ;)