Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moving on

Christmas is over. Gifts were opened, breakfast was eaten, family was visited. And now it's all finished. Steven was so over it that Sunday morning he took down everything that resembled a decoration and put them away. So back into normal we go, and I get to start hearing "when I turn five can I have..... for my birthday present" As if they didn't just get a boatload of new gifts. Thankfully Norah is too little to worry about all that. She is a joy, but too small to realize that gifts come at specified times of year. At least for another year I bet.

I was very spoiled by Steven this year, getting new beads for my bracelet, a new straightening iron for my hair, and a waffle iron to indulge at breakfasts. Steven was also a fan of his moustache trimmer, new t shirts, and Metallica DVD's. It was clear that Steven and I were afterthoughts as usual at other celebrations, but thankfully the girls are too young to notice those kind of slights. I hope to never treat my children that way, and I truly hope that if I did, someone would tell me.

So now we're into the week of vacation following the holiday. I don't know that we'll have time to put their new museum membership to the test this week, but definitely by the next Monday holiday, I'm sure. Hannah is very excited to be able to go to Kidcity anytime she wants!

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My Little Cuties said...

We're counting down to Hunter's birthday here too. ::Sigh::