Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost time

My birthday is coming up on Sunday, and some of my favorite people are going away for the weekend and all of next week.  Camp Sunshine will be so SO much fun for them, I know they're looking forward to it!  So tonight, Steven offered to look over their van to be sure it was safe to drive all the way up there.  So I cooked dinner for everyone.  Tomato soup was the request, and since it was easy enough and required very little of me, we had exactly that.  Only Kat thought she needed to celebrate my birthday early with me, so she brought ice cream cake!  Yum!  I love it, and I love her.  I feel so special.  And I got flowers and a pretty balloon.  Heck it's not even my birthday and I'm pretty spoiled. 

So tomorrow I get to run all the errands and do all the cleaning that means we're having company for the weekend.  And who knows what Sunday will bring.  Hopefully it will bring me not cooking OR cleaning :)

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