Monday, July 12, 2010

Back again

The tooth fairy made a surprise visit here last night.  About 25 minutes after I put them in bed last night, sitting on the couch watching tv, I hear Hannah come out to the gate and excitedly whisper "Mommy!" as loud as she dared.  She apparently wiggled her tooth right out, and had to tell me right then.  Which of course is fair, since if she put it out for the tooth fairy without telling me, she might not have made the trip. 

So she rinsed her mouth, we dabbed the tiny drop of blood, and got her a bag to put her tooth in.  Then she was tucked right back in, and headed off to dream about what the tooth fairy would bring her this time. 

As it so happens, she was ecstatic over the "dollar and money" she got.  ($1.50) And she popped it right in her piggy bank.


My Little Cuties said...

Is that two down now?

Jess said...

Yes, two down. Bottom front.