Thursday, October 7, 2010

And then we got some sleep

Norah hasn't repeated her episode of refusal to sleep.  Thankfully.  Though, sadly I think her problem was related to her jammies.  I think she was overheated in her zip up fleece footies, and couldn't get comfortable.  Stupid me in my sleepy fog didn't realize that.  So the last two nights she's worn lighter two piece PJ's and was much better. 

Also, I see the sun.  As in really see it, shining outside my window.  I'm amazed.  I think I'd forgotten what the world looked like with sun on it.  Sad, but true.  We went to the Big E on Saturday with Sara and Zach, and that was the most recent perfect day.  And the only perfect day I think in the last two weeks.  So we're looking forward to a nice weekend, Hannah has Monday off, and who knows what we'll do over the two days we also have off with her.

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