Friday, October 22, 2010

Countdown to weekends

I spend a lot of time looking forward to the weekends.  I did before, but even more now that I'm working.  I miss hanging out with Norah, and I really love my Wednesdays when I have the day off and can do stuff with her.  Norah's started doing puzzles.  Not just the board puzzles but real, actual puzzles.  She has her favorite is a Winnie the Pooh puzzle with 24 pieces that she sits on the floor and does over and over.  I'm very proud of her, she's turning out to be quite a little problem solver in her own way.

Tomorrow we have plans to visit some friends, and who knows what the plan is for Sunday, but hopefully it involves something fun.

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Kat said...

I like hanging out with Norah :)