Friday, February 11, 2011

Every Time!

I swear germs have a radar for when I've made fun plans for Hannah or Norah to do something.  This time, it's Hannah.  She's supposed to go to a movie night with Mimi, Iza, and Magi and then have a sleepover.  Then tomorrow we're supposed to go visit Grampy and Mimi and have lasagna and maybe go sledding again.  And yesterday she started coughing, and this morning she woke up sniffly and complaining that her stomach hurts.  It sucks to get sick, it's worse that it happens when we have plans she already knew about.  So unless she goes to school today, which isn't looking likely, she'll be missing the movie night/sleepover.  And hopefully she'll be feeling well enough to go visiting tomorrow.  The good news is since it's family, they won't mind if she's still a bit under the weather, and that might just mean no sledding.

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My Little Cuties said...

I really can't stand when illness interferes with my plans! It's no fun either way but ruining my plans makes it really bad.