Monday, February 21, 2011


I love when the girls have a sleepover at Meema's house.  She  misses them so much, and they love to go there.  They wake up bouncing around yelling "It's a Meema day!" and are always so happy to be there.  That really makes me smile.  I'm also happy to have some alone time with Steven, even though it usually centers around what we're going to eat for dinner, and running errands.  This weekend was no exception.  We ran errands, ate dinner at Red Robin, and hung out at home just relaxing.  I really enjoy it, and I know the girls enjoy themselves too.  In fact this time they completely forgot about calling to say they missed us.  They only reason they were reminded was that Meema didn't know what time Hannah takes her meds before bed.  So they called to ask me.

This weekend coming up we have something fun planned.  Some friends of ours had tickets to see Toy Story on Ice in Boston.  They are unable to go, and asked us if we knew anyone who liked Toy Story and would want to go.  So far, the girls have no idea.  I'm thinking we're going to just put them in the car after lunch Sunday and start driving.  We'll take the T in, since that's easiest, and I'm certain both girls are going to be over the moon!

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My Little Cuties said...

The T alone is very exciting, add to that Toy Story on Ice and they're going to be over the moon! Have fun!