Monday, February 14, 2011


Hannah's feeling better.  Still coughing, but the fever's gone, and she ate all her dinner last night.  That's a sign she's on the mend usually.  She doesn't eat much when she's sick, but then neither do I.  However she's managed to share her lovely illness with me.  So yesterday I felt sick, but not awful... and this morning I feel like I've been run over by a train.  I hardly slept, I'm coughing so hard muscles I didn't know I had, hurt.  At the moment I'm hanging out in bed, and Norah's watching Finding Nemo, and I'm crossing my fingers that she's not going to come down with it either.  Wouldn't surprise me though. 

Hannah also asked to have her hair cut yesterday, so since she had perked up, we took her.  It's adorable, and pretty much the same haircut she had when Mimi was diagnosed.  She loves it, but I need to take her somewhere to get it fixed, the back is wrong.  She is so cute with it short, it's one of my favorite looks for her.

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