Thursday, February 17, 2011

Warming up

This week it's starting to warm up a bit.  The snow piles are getting smaller, if slowly, and the sun feels nice.  In fact it's surprising how nice a breeze feels when it's 40, instead of when it's 20.  Amazing how big a difference those 20 degrees make. 

Hannah's started back into her need to wear dresses/skirts.  I don't have a problem with it, except that usually it's VERY cold in the morning, and much warmer in the afternoon.  Yesterday she wore leggings under a skirt, and when we got to the bus stop, I realized that in her sneakers, her ankles were completely bare.  No socks and no leggings covering them.  She insists that she wasn't cold, but now the hunt begins for some new leggings, that are both long enough, and skinny enough.  I'll hunt for both of them, since we all know that Norah has to do whatever Hannah's doing.  And while that's fine, she has enough clothes to dress 5 little girls.

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