Friday, July 1, 2011

The time has come

The girls couldn't be more excited!  Tomorrow we are leaving for the long drive to Auntie  Sara and Uncle Zach's wedding.  We're spending two nights in a hotel, and we have to bring more stuff than I can physically imagine.  I've finally gotten to where I've packed nearly everything.  Only the stuff we really need for the morning is still not in the suitcase.  Steven is supposed to find the cooler so we can bring the wings and flowers up safely.  He's late at work tonight, so hopefully he finds it right away in the morning.  Otherwise I forsee an early stop at Walmart to get a cooler.

We're all thrilled and can't wait to see everyone, and of course, pictures to come.  Oh man, I should put my camera in the suitcase.

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Janice said...

Have a blast! I can't believe that it's the weekend of the fourth already!