Saturday, July 23, 2011

Busy and Hot

It's been a busy, hot week!  My birthday was very nice.  A trip to Eric Carle with some of our fabulous friends, and a cheeseburger for dinner to top it off.  Tuesday I had to work, but everyone had their A/C on, so it was bearable.

Wednesday was Steven's first weekday off in exchange for working on Sundays.  So we did some errands, had lunch, and then headed to the local wading pool.  We stayed there for a couple hours, and both girls spent the whole time in the water.  Totally worth the $4 to get them in.  Thursday after work we headed over to the library to see the Toe Jam Puppet Band perform.  The girls love them every time!  After that we were headed back to the house to get cool because it was 100 outside, but instead Kat called us to join them at Coldstone for a pre dinner ice cream snack!  The girls both had Cotton Candy, and I tried their Strawberry Basil. 

Yesterday we headed over to Forest Park in the morning to meet up with some friends and have lunch.  We had a nice picnic, and then we parted ways so that I could take the girls over to the splash park.  They had a blast and cooled off there, but it was still SO hot that I was sweating just sitting still.  I heard we got up to 103 in some spots locally.  So after that we went home to cool off, but I forgot we needed milk, so we headed to the fruit store, and ran into Kat again.  She invited us to their friends to swim for a while, and we took them up on it.  Both girls had a blast cooling off in the pool, and Hannah is turning out to be pretty darn good at swimming, even if she needs her arm floaties!

Today we're heading down to visit some friends, so we're all excited about that too! 

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Janice said...

You're so busy, it sounds awesome! I'll live vicariously through you right now as when the temps rise we have to lay low to keep the baby cool.