Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As happy as I was to go see Sara and Zach in New Hampshire.  As thrilled as I was to be a part of their special day... there's nothing like being home in your own house and bed.  The chaos started Saturday when Steven defied the borrowed GPS and headed East instead of West.  So because of that we ended up on 93 North, stopped dead, sitting.  For a LONG time.  It was less than pleasant.  Add to that Sara waiting for us to drop off the flowers (seated conveniently between my feet for the whole 3.5 hour trip) and take her back to her Mother in Law's with us.  It was a little nuts.  So we finally get to Sara, and as we pull off the highway, Steven notices my car is making a horrible clunky noise.  Not at all good.  So we drop off all the stuff at Jean's house, and head to the hotel to check in and get ready for rehearsal.  While we're there, Steven asks about garages, and one is available to check out my front end, deems it "safe" and we're good to drive, despite horrible clunking noises.

Rehearsal is awesome and fun.  There was lots of last minute plans, and who's going to do what, when. In fact the ONLY bad part is me stepping wrong out of the back door of the house and twisting my ankle very uncomfortably.  The girls are excited, and start wondering if the pool at the hotel is any fun.  So we head out about 7:30 to take them back to go swimming and my ankle was in heaven in the hot tub.  The girls go to bed as soon as we get upstairs and are asleep in record time.  Meanwhile Steven goes out to find ibuprofen and sandwiches because we're starving.  I ice my foot, watch a movie, and eat.  We head to bed and realize that a Queen size bed, is TEENY compared to our bed, and Oh man, Everytime I move, we're touching.  I don't mind touching, but not when I'm sleeping!

Sunday morning finally comes, with matching dark circles for all of us.  We head to breakfast and the pool, followed by the LL Bean outlet and some other stuff.  We go back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding and check out.  We're going home, and man I miss my bed.

The wedding was fantastic and beautiful!  Everything seemed to happen either just right, or with minimal issues.  Sara and Zach seemed to have a good time, and everyone attending seemed to also.  I only wish I'd been in the right place with my camera to get pictures of the wedding party jumping in the river.... in their gorgeous clothes!

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