Saturday, July 16, 2011


I feel like we spend all week looking forward to weekends.  Steven has been working a lot of hours at his new job.  It's not really a big deal to me, I remember him working crazy hours before we had the girls.  But they're not at all used to him working so long, being here so little, and being so tired when he is here.  I'm hoping they can get used to it, because all the extra hours mean that when he IS here, we can do fun things.

So this weekend, Steven has to work Sunday, so we're cramming all the fun we can into today.  There are plans for some errands, and hopefully some fun stuff for them too.  Tomorrow Grampy and Mimi are coming over to visit while he's at work, so that will be something good.  Monday I have off from work, and it's my birthday.  I'm thinking we'll go to a park of some kind, or depending on the weather, maybe the Eric Carle museum.

Next weekend we're headed down to visit friends and maybe go to the zoo for our annual zoo trip with them.  We've done it every summer since Hannah was 14 months old.  We now have more kids and more fun every year!

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