Friday, July 8, 2011

Short Weeks

I love short weeks following long holiday weekends!  It's like an extra bonus added in.  Our week was relatively peaceful here.  Aside from having Kat cart me all over so I could drop off/retrieve my car from service, it was blissfully normal.  A fabulous hot July so far.  I had the ac on earlier, though it was less humid yesterday, so we turned it off.  In the afternoon we also had Magi and Mimi over for dinner so Kat could go to a work meeting.  Everyone played nicely, except Norah.  She seems to think that when you play "duck duck goose", she should always be the goose.  Everyone tried to nicely explain it to her, so I removed her and reminded her that playing nicely with friends and taking turns means your friends will want to come over to play again.

Then of course, the post dinner dessert meltdown.  Yesterday I made tacos for dinner.  One of Norah's favorites, but she chose a hard taco instead of the usual soft I give her.  I don't think she liked it, and they're hard to eat.  So she chose not to eat.  I reminded her as she got down that if she didn't do a good job on her dinner there wouldn't be any more chances to eat for her.  She agreed.  Until I couldn't put off the other three any longer, and they all got a TJ's cookie.  Then holy hell broke loose, and the poor girl ended up falling asleep in her bed midtantrum. 

Fortunately, today she ate all her dinner and even had seconds.  She insisted that "tortellinis are my favorite!  I will eat them all up in my belly button!"

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