Thursday, August 25, 2011


Things have been quiet around here.  The girls have spent a lot of time at home, and a few afternoons at the park.  Their friend isn't feeling well, and was admitted to the hospital again last night for a fever.  So we haven't hung out with them, so as not to chance Mimi getting sicker when she's already immunosuppressed.  We did go to the park with them Monday, a nice trip to their favorite park, the one with the tire swing.  The one that takes a half hour to get to on a good day without traffic.  The one that is a nightmare to get to because they have all of the whole way there (BOTH ways, highway and backroads) dug up, in construction.  We've only been there one other time this year, so driving over on a Monday at rush hour was no small feat.  But the girls all had a fabulous time, and I have pictures up already on the shutterfly site.

With hurricane Irene on her way, I'm expecting a quiet weekend also.  Maybe movies and popcorn, and cooking.  I always seem to cook when I'm stuck at home.  Food to freeze.  Meat sauce, chicken broth, soup, etc.

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