Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm finally on vacation!  So far we've done a lot of nothing.  Over the weekend we had a Hurricane Party for Hurricane Irene.  The hurricane at least, was a big bust here.  It rained most of the morning and by 4pm we were seeing peeks of sunshine.  Nice, but not what they were saying was going to be awful.  I know it WAS awful for a lot of people, but at least at my house it was just an inconvenience.

Monday we went to the park, twice, again!  Just like last week we got a phone call around 3:30 to meet our friends at the park.  So this time we headed to a different one.  They fed ducks, chased frogs, picked lilypads, and played at the playground.  The girls had a fabulous time with their friends.

Tuesday we TRIED to go to the beach.  Enter Hurricane Irene again.  If I'd have thought to call ahead, it would have saved us a lot of trouble.  We headed south into Connecticut to go to our favorite beach.  We got lost, and when we got there, they were closed.  As was every local beach.  Hurricane Irene blew all the sand around and made a huge mess.  There were trees down everywhere, and no power in a lot of places.  So our beach day was a bust.

Today we hung around with Daddy while he cleaned the car and did some errands.  Someone is getting too big for their harnessed seat, and we converted one of the two seats to a booster.  She loves it, but that seat is a lousy booster.  So we're looking into getting a dedicated booster seat.  We took Hannah to a few stores and she gravitated to the "pretty" ones.  So I'm going to research a few of them and we'll order the top choice online in a few weeks.

Tomorrow we're headed to a park again, to meet some other friends and their kids to play for a while.  They'll have a great time, and I love having Mommy Friends to be with.

Friday is my orientation for school, and the closer the first day gets, the more nervous I get.  I've been online and in my book starting the first chapter for my math class.  I'd rather get ahead and be able to spend time working on things that boggle my mind later.  Then that afternoon I'm driving the girls to Meema's for the weekend.  So it'll be a full week!  And hopefully Hannah and Norah have fun, because next week school starts, and all the craziness that goes with that.


Jennnnn said...

What timing!! I got Kieran the Evenflow Big Kid Amp booster ( to take to Cali for riding in Stuart's car and she loved it. Because of that I was going to turn her carseat into a booster in hopes she would feel the same way about it and give the Amp to my Mom for her car, because she hates the carseat she has, but I think you and I have the same carseat, the Nautilus? Anyway, if it's not comfy I'll put the Amp in my car for her. It gets good ratings and it's cute in the "Amp pink." Here's a site that has some good info about it if you're interested

Jess said...

That was one we checked out at Target ;) I think the other top contender was the Big Kid DLX? Or something like that. We still haven't decided, but I'm glad not to be the only one with a nautilus that is getting a booster now, lol.