Friday, January 1, 2010

Friends with Kids

You know, it's funny. Hannah asked me this last week if we were going to get together with our friends Kerry and Colin, and their two adorable munchkins. I said I didn't know, that we hadn't talked, and that really it was too short notice to call them up and suggest they come here. Shows what I know. Clearly next time I just need to get with the program with that. This morning on the way inside from the grocery store Steven's phone rings, and it's Colin. Did we want to come over today or tomorrow for dinner. Well heck yeah. We always want to get together with them. Obviously I need to get over my too short notice business.

Another friend did that randomly, and since we rarely have plans, I told her she could come on over, and her Mom was horrified that she could just come by without making plans. But you know what, when you make plans, something always spoils them when it comes to kids and winter. Sickness is usually the biggest culprit, and it's really unfair. To the point where when we ARE planning something special, I don't tell Hannah until it's absolutely necessary, because something just might happen. And at least if she doesn't know, she can't be too disappointed, right.

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